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Welcome to my present website. I've had bigger better ones before, but this one's practical.
There is my bigger site with midi music, swaying palms, 50s cars, etc. However, its many pages on a huge server has a zillion popups, which make it cumbersome to navigate. Lycos/Tripod, thankfully, doesn't do that.
(With a note of caution) I still have Animated Paradise Deluxe. ("old site" link at page bottom near guestbook)

I've made some flash animations representing interests which you may actually share.

I used to live in the San Francisco Bay Area:

Click here for a citystreet hillride    Click here for a suburban hillride    Click here for a view of citylights
I now live in my birthplace, the Philadelphia region:

Click here for a boulevard ride    Click here for a parkside drive    Click here for a hybrid of these
Then too there's the New York City subway to the airport to Florida in January:

Click here for 42nd Street station    Click here for the Everglades    Click here for Miami Beach
Doowop acapella and its preservation is big in the Philadelphia region, and other points east.
I originally made these singing cartoon cats and dogs with the chart hits they represent.
But, as you are probably aware, the Copyright Police forced me to improvise the vocals (didn't want to)

Click here for kitties singing a Platters tune    Click here for doggies doing Heart & Soul
Of course television in the fifties was still a novelty. Stark black and white

Click here for the Honeymooners    Click here for a familiar foursome    Click here for the Stooges
A few other comic notions come to mind, with a roller coaster mixed in:

Click here to go under the boardwalk    Click here for a roller coaster ride    Click here to fly low

Click here, see kids age overnight    Click here a head trip    Click here for a commute
A few vintage automobiles

1949 Mercury    1960 pink Cadillac    1952 bathtub Nash

E-mail me, if you wish

These days it's more about Youtube videos. Eventually, I plan to merge videos with animation,
persons sprouting wings, taking flight, etc.
Below I've embedded my latest youtube cartoon off of my computer desktop.
(Clicking the arrowhead in the center will start the video.)

The tux doggie and pearl pussycat sing Let it be me, inspired by Jerry and Betty.
For now, however, I only have these ten songs from the fifties from my youtube channel:

It isn't fair Devil in disguise Devil woman
Jezebel Only make believe Matter of time
The breeze and I Jamaica farewell Temptation
Willow Weep

This one was a dedication to mothers everywhere on Mother's Day 1998 by a mother, herself; namely, Maria Elena Saldana, multi-talented singer and actress in Mexico City. In this 90 second clip, she is dressed in the nun habit of the naughty nun she portrays on her comedy show, singing a tribute to all mothers. In the background, we see her out of character make-up with her own little daughter who has special needs:

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